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About G. Brad Lewis:

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G. Brad Lewis is internationally recognized as Hawaii's leading volcano photographer. His volcano images have appeared on the covers of LIFE, Natural History, GEO, Travel Holiday, Earth and in National Geographic, Life, Newsweek, Outside, Summit, Omni, Outdoor Photographer, Stern, etc. His work is also used in advertising, books, calendars, and stock. Brad's collection of fine art prints, "LavArt", are shown in exclusive galleries and exhibitions, and are displayed in museums and private collections around the world. Brad's nature images have gone before congress and were exhibited at the Earth Conference in Rio. Brad lives in Hawaii, on the flank of Kilauea, the most active volcano on Earth.   

The LavArt series of images utilize movement, light, and texture of 
volcanic activity to open human emotions to the pulse of the earth.

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