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Dietrich Varez Jewelry |  Hawaiian Voyaging Canoe 

Large Voyaging Canoe Pendant
Above shown in 24K Gold over 925 Sterling silver

Each piece of Varez Wearable Art has a
one-of-a-kind hand-sculpted back that is unique to
each peace.  No two are exactly alike. This gives
each creation a wonderful textured feel and some
people might sometimes just wear the back
design to the front.  So it is like getting even two pieces
of wearable art.


Voyaging Canoe Pendant

Now Available in 925 Sterling Silver
or 24K Gold Vermeil

The Story
:    Pele, boarded her double hull canoe "Honua-i-akea", and set sail for their new home.   Pele  took passage in the canoe  with her little sister and accompanied by her brothers Kamohoali‘i, Kānemilohai, Kāne‘āpua and others, and arrives at the Hawaiian Islands by way of the northwestern shoals.  ....


A perfect gift for anyone having a special connection with Hawaiian Voyaging  Canoes, such as the Hokulea which just returned to Hawaii from a long sailing journey.  If you like the story of Pele and her canoe Honaiakea or you have been following the recent travel of the Hokulea around the world, or you jus tlike voyaging canoes, this pendant will be perfect for you.  This voyaging canoe represents the "journey" of life.      

This pendant, as all our jewelry, is handcrafted, one at a time and a
true heirloom you will cherish for a lifetime.
Options PENDANTS ( Includes Bail , FREE Gift Box, and FREE Shipping):
Pendant - 925 SS Medium CANOE - Reg. $165 SALE $124.95
Pendant - 24K Gold Vermeil Medium CANOE - Reg $185.00 SALE $155.95
Pendant - 925 SS Large CANOE - Reg. $225.00 SALE $164.95
Pendant - 24K Gold Vermail Large CANOE - Reg $245.00 Sale $194.95

Need a chain?... Just call us at 808-987-0920 and we will be happy
to personally assist you.  Question? Email us.

( Includes Standing Black/Glass Display Box  and FREE Shipping):
Collector Art - 925 SS Medium CANOE - Reg. $165 SALE $124.95
Collector Art - 24K Gold Vermeil Medium CANOE - Reg $185.00 SALE $155.95
Collector Art - 925 SS Large CANOE - Reg. $225.00 SALE $164.95
Collector Art - 24K Gold Vermail Large CANOE - Reg $245.00 Sale $194.95
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"Dietrich Varez" is one of Hawaii's most beloved artists recognized and respected for his scenes of Hawaiian mythology,  traditional Hawaiian life, and stylized designs from nature.
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