The "Dietrich Varez" Collection - Handmade Wearable Art
Sculpted and Fired at our Artist Studio on Kilauea Volcano

Aloha Accents
"Dietrich Varez"
One of Hawaii's most recognized artists
 and often called  "Hawaii's Prince of Prints".
Dietrich Varez is primarily known for his scenes of
Hawaiian mythology,  traditional Hawaiian life,
and stylized designs from nature.
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Pele & Kilauea Pendant
Hawaiian Hula Pendant
Double Hull Canoe Pendant
Spearfishing / Freediver Pendant
Our "Signature" Freeform Pele Design
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Dietrich Varez Wearable Art |   |  Frequently Asked Questions


Are all Earring parts solid bronze?

 All Earrings are solid bronze, except the earring hoop.  It is generally 14K Gold Plated, unless stated otherwise.  This prevents any potential irritation for people that might be sensitive to bronze.


How does Bronze Wearable Art compare in price to Sterling Silver items?

 All of our creations are handmade, one at a time, and priced based on a combination of metal and labor costs.  For Wearable Art & true handmade items labor is a higher percentage of the total cost than for cast items because there is more labor involved in their production.  Additionally, because bronze is a harder metal than silver, it can require more labor to achieve a high quality, shiny finish on a bronze item than a silver item. As a result, true handmade bronze creations can actually be more expensive than the silver version!


Do you offer plated bronze?

We offer our  bronze creations in two finishes: natural bronze ( available right now ), and very soon 24K gold plated bronze.   ( We will in the near future also make our creations available in Solid Sterling Silver and 18K Gold by custom order - please inquire ).

Natural Bronze

 Natural Bronze is a wonderful warm color, matching natural gold tones, and many of our customers called our creations the "New Gold", as it is so much easier to afford, and safing money is a cool thing to do nowadays.  All Bronze will naturally tarnish and become darker over time, but it only adds character to the metal.  However, if you like your Bronze pendant shiny and bright, there are many products avaialble on the market ( like Brasso or Blitz ) that within 10-20 seconds easily remove all oxidation from your jewelry item and it looks like it left our Studio.


24K Gold Plated Bronze

Our Gold Plated Bronze  is a luxurious satin finish with a 24 karat gold color. The plating process uses pure gold over bronze with a fine layer of nickel in between. (The nickel layer increases the longevity and durability of the gold plate by preventing the bronze from migrating up through the gold to the surface).   Gold plated bronze will not tarnish.




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