Hand-turned Koa Wood Bowls
Made with Aloha on the Big Island of Hawaii 
Hawaiian Calabash Style, Traditional Style, Straight Edge Bowls, & Natural Edge Bowls

Hand-turned Solid Koa Wood Bowls

Hawaiian Style "calabash bowls", straight edge bowls,  and natural edge bowls  are "one-of-a-kind" collector items valued throughout Hawaii and the mainland. Koa Wood Bowls are available in all kinds of styles and sizes.  Each Bowl is hand-turned and the design chosen is based on what nature provided to start with.  In turn each Koa Wood Bowl is a true "one of a kind".     Thought after by many collectors we are delighted that we can offer you these amazing Koa Wood bowls bowls.  

EMAIL US to be notified when bowls are  available again.


 Below are  pictures  of the Koa Wood Bowls currently available :


Gorgeous Curly KOA BOWL- KOA-I-17 - 6" x 6" 

Rich Dark Koa


To order, or if you have any questions,
please call us at 808-987-0920

Our Koa Wood Bowl inventory has currently dried up due to the lack of quality wood available on the market.  Once we do get more items in stock we will add them here.  In the meantime, if you would like to be kept up to date when new bowls come in, please EMAIL US and we will be happy to keep you posted.  Mahalo, Volcano Gallery

Our Master Woodworkers "Bob" lives out in the rainforest of the Big Island of Hawaii, and he truly loves what he does, which shows in his finished works of art.  Each bowl displays the beauty of Koa Wood, which is a rare Hawaiian hardwood.  A Koa Wood Calabash Bowl makes a perfect wedding, anniversary, or birthday present for anyone collecting wood bowls or loving Koa Wood.  They also make the perfect presentation gift for award ceremonies, corporate gifts, or just to say "Thank You" to someone you love.

Our collection of hand-turned, fine wooden serve ware that is functional and decorative. Each piece is hand-turned from the durable and beautiful Hawaiian Koa Wood, which is highly desirable for its lustrous finish and rich grains. Hand wipe with damp towel and air dry. To bring out luster wipe with plain mineral oil, or butcher block oil ( mineral oil, bees wax, carnauba - food save grade).

Bowls are generally available in sizes 6 - 10" .  Sometimes larger bowls are available. If you are looking for something specific .. just call us and let us know.  We'll be happy to assist you.

Limited Stock on Hand - New Bowls coming soon !
Email Us to be added to the waiting list and we send you a message when the new bowls are available.


 Koa Wood Bowl Gallery : 


Because each bowl is so beautiful we decided to keep a gallery of the recent bowls that have sold recently so you can see a larger variety of the quality of bowls we produce.

  - click on thumbnail pictures to see large view:

Koa Bowl 14-37 SOLD Koa Bowl 14-50 SOLD
Koa Wood Bowl    

KOA BOWL- K 14-35 


KOA BOWLK 14-31 

KOA BOWL- K 14-34


KOA BOWL- 13-64 -

KOA BOWL- 13-65 -




KOA BOWL- K 13-23



KOA BOWL- K 13-44


KOA BOWL K 13-68 


Koa BOWL  - 9" Diam. 6" tall     

A very beautiful  & interestingly patterned bowl with lots of flowing grains and some very nice curl.

SOLD BOWL  - 9" Diam. 6" tall

Another very beautiful bowl with lots of nice curl that shows up under the right light.   Gorgeous.

SOLD Koa BOWL  - 11 1/2 x 4 1/2       
bowlKoa4.jpg (18367 bytes)

Colors range from reds to browns to blonds.  No two bowls are alike.  Sample: 8" wide, 7" tall bowl


Sample: 9 1/2" wide, 3" tall bowl


Koa Plates also available bowlKoa7.jpg (16364 bytes)
KoaBowl050404_2.jpg (8866 bytes) KoaBowl050404.jpg (13514 bytes) KoaBowl050404_3.jpg (9795 bytes)
DSC02966.JPG (20691 bytes)
DSC02965.JPG (16538 bytes)


  MILO BOWL-  MILO WOOD  6w x7 tall   KOA BOWL- 7x4    
KOA BOWL   6x4     KOA BOWL- 7x4     
 6 3/4 x 21/2 
  KOA BOWL 8 x 5  
8 x 4 1/2 -

To order a Koa Wood Bowl
please call 808-987-0920

Sample Curly Koa Collectors Bowl - SOLD 

    Custom Engraved Plaques and bases available. 


Volcano Gallery
Volcano Village, Hawaii

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