Hawaiian Koa Outrigger Canoe Paddles
 T-Handle or Straight Shaft Paddles
These handmade Hawaiian Canoe Paddles are designed to be displayed in your home or office.
Made from 100% Certified Hawaii Grown Koa Wood - 100% Handmade in Hawaii!

Each paddle is unique with respect to color, curl, & character of the wood.
Made by our Master Paddle Maker and each one is a true unique treasure from Hawaii. 
A Hawaiian Koa Wood Paddle is a symbol of achievement & endurance.

Our paddles are made to order, but often we have a couple in stock.  So if you need one right away, just call us.


Koa Wood Paddles:  

The paddles measures 50" tall and the blade measures 18 inches X 12 inches 

  Please call to Order Paddles  808-987-0920

T-Handle Koa Wood Paddle


T-Handle Koa Wood Paddle


T-Handle Koa Wood Paddle

Golden Koa Paddle 50" T-Handle | #koa3851
Golden Solid Koa Paddle


"Earth Crust layers" Koa Paddle 50 inch T-Handle | #koa4141
Solid Koa Paddle


Curly Hawaiian Paddle 50" T-Handle | #koa4469
Curly Hawaiian Koa Paddle


T-Handle Koa Wood Paddle


T-Handle Koa Wood Paddle


T-Handle Koa Wood Paddle

Premium Koa Outrigger Paddle 50"T-handle - MADE IN HAWAII
Premium Solid Koa Paddle -


Premium Multi Stringers Koa Paddle 50" T-Handle
  Premium Multi Stringer


Tsunami Curls Koa Paddle 50" T-Handle | #KOA3813
Tsunami Curls Koa Wood Paddle


Our Outrigger canoe paddles range from about $675 to $1,500, depending on amount of color and curl. 

Paddles are priced individually and we usually make them to order as they are so popular and hard to keep in stock.  Our paddles are made right here in Hawaii in our own wood shop where we create wonderful things of beauty. 
All our products are 100% made in Hawaii from 100% Certified Hawaii Grown Koa Wood.
Most of the wood we use now has been in our private reserve wood stock inventory we collected over the last 25 years, so our wood tends to be denser and of higher quality than some wood being sold on the market today.

Please don't be fooled by low price paddles or other products that are made of imported "acacia wood"  and being sold as Koa Wood.   Unfortunately we even have seen recently acacia wood on the market that is flame treated to imitate and resemble the highly prized Curly Hawaiian Koa Wood which the untrained eye might miss.  We greatly oppose this kind of practice.  Only wood grown in Hawaii can be called "Koa Wood".   If the price is too good to be true.. it probably is.  

We only create items with 100% Hawaii grown Koa Wood.

 All OUR paddles are made from 100% certified Hawaiian Grown Koa Wood and made right in our wood-shop
 in Volcano, Hawaii to become a cherished Hawaiian Heirloom in your home or office.

Please call to Order Paddles


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