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Here is a piece of your family history - your roots - part of you - that you should be proud of:

This was your great-great-grandfather's brother and son:
Thomas Augusta Free ( born February 2, 1891) and
William Thomas Free ( born January 9, 1923)
Both died together December 7th, 1941 on the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor.


2016 was the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor 

Sad that you don't even know your real grandfather
and your real family roots .


Sad that you missed out on all the love we had to give.
..and unfortunately .. nothing can make up for lost time.. 

We wish you happiness, health and success in your life,
and may all your dreams come true.


It is sad that the ones that could, did NOT even care enough to have us be part of your life,
not one of them was willing to share any photos of you as you were growing up,
or share anything else about your life at any time, even though we kept asking.
It is sad that we were intentionally completely excluded from your life.

 Perhaps you can not miss what you don't know,  but we surely do remember holding you
in our arms when you were very little, and cherish those few memories. 

We don't understand how everyone involved could be so cruel and mean, and not care, and
to prevent us intentionally from having a relationship with the two of you.  

 We feel so sorry that you were made the pawns in this childish game,
and that you were intentionally deprived of knowing your REAL grandfather,
your real family roots, and all the Love we had to give.

 Your Grandparents

"Using Children As Pawns"

Parents use children as pawns when they are angry about something.

A parent will create a situation that withholds affection from the child with another person.

 Child alienation is always used as a control tactic to hurt someone else.

Child alienation not only happens in divorces with parents, but also when
 the child is withheld from grandparents and other relatives after a spouses death or other family tragedy.

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