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Lava Rocks Returned
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2000Lava12.jpg (44714 bytes)
Madison, CT

2000Lava9.jpg (39666 bytes)
Traverse City, Mich.

2000Lava1.jpg (39978 bytes)

Traverse, Mich.
2000Lava11.jpg (40063 bytes)
Bloomington, Ind.
Also returned (sorry, we lost the picture on our computer): 
         -M.E.L., Norwood, NY, 
         - M.C. Viena, Austria
2000Lava13.jpg (57102 bytes)
S.M., Alexandria, VA

lavarock0799b.JPG (8842 bytes)
R.J. & Monoplane Paint System Friends, Milan, MI

lavarock0799c.JPG (11958 bytes)
Culver City, CA

lavarock0799a.JPG (10816 bytes)
J.E.N., Sacramento, CA

rock5991.JPG (5215 bytes)
Black Sand & Lava Rock
N.&P.C., Temple City, CA

rock5992.JPG (4640 bytes)
Olivine Crystal

rock5993.JPG (5818 bytes)
J.&C.S., Santa Ursula Xitla, Mexico

rock040599b.JPG (25458 bytes)
LBC & DLC, San Diego, CA

rock040299a.JPG (76049 bytes)
Richmondd, San Diego, CA

lavarock3d.JPG (7498 bytes)
John S.B.W., La Jolla, CA

gsand9.JPG (10413 bytes)
3/23/99 TGSMW, CA

lavarock2.JPG (10198 bytes)
Mary S., Orland Park, IL

rock1b.JPG (10577 bytes)
Bruce H., Norwalk, CT