Punalu'u - Black Sand Beach
Big Island of Hawaii

Punalu'u Black Sand Beach is a gem of a find on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Located half-way between Volcano and Na'alehu on the southern portion of the Big Island of Hawaii.  Punalu'u Black Sand Beach is right next to the Sea Mountain Golf course, and the old now non-functional Sea Mountain Restaurant.  

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Just one thing!... PLEASE!..don't take any of the black sand and PLEASE!..don't distress or even touch our beloved turtles!... they are endangered species and the bacteria transferred to them via our human skin can kill them as they have no immune system for it...  

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The turtles at Punalu'u Black Sand Beach are:

1. "Honu`ea",  the Hawksbill turtle, whose nesting season is from May till the end of summer.  The Honu`ea come out at night and nest at Punalu'u Black Sand Beach.  

2. "Honu" - These are the turtles you see during the day.

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Both the Honu`ea and the Honu are dwindling in numbers, so please help to protect them.
When you see any turtles come on the beach ....  They are not sick.. and they do not need to be put back into the water... just let them enjoy themselves, keep your distance, and even better, discourage visitors that don't know any better from touching or surrounding the turtles.  How would you feel if you would try to lay on the beach and 20 tourist would surround you inches from your body taken pictures of, about, and with you?.... Thank you in advance for helping to save our endangered turtles!

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