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    15 Jan 2009


    i am doin a project on the national park it is soo kool


    Thanks for all the info on Hawaii & the Islands! I appreciate it, I feel prepared enough to start my journey!
    Thank you Volcano.....for the first time in the 22 years of knowing my ex-in-laws....I was able to give them a Christmas gift that rendered my mother-in-law speechless...instead of "what am I supposed to do with this!"...It was you 14 flower protea bouquet!! It was the perfect gift for them,as last Christmas they were visiting Hawaii.....I am busy telling all my friends about your business and your beautiful flowers.....I have yet to make it to the Big Island, but will on my next trip to Hawaii, as I have friends in Kailua...until then Mahalo, Celeste
    I used to live in Hawaii and it was fun. The best thing was that their was the National Volcano park. But I took a rock from there and nothing happend... but im sorry to bother you
     Hallo Beate Schöne Grüße aus dem Kalletal. Ich bin der Freund von Bynnoc. Wenn dann komm ich mit nach Hawaii.
    Hallo Beate .Deine Home Page ist echt klasse . Vor allem das Foto von dem small indian mongoose hat es mir angetan . Der ist ja total süss! Ich will ach mal nach Hawaii !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hello: I was able to vacation with my family on the islands of Maui and Hawaii during July 1999. This web site gives you the chance to purchase some of the same items I seen and purchase while on the islands.
  • Aloha,  I was just cruizen through. I live in Puna. I love this. Escpecially your pictures.
    Mahalo,   Lani

    Very impressive site and a great representative of Hawaii!!! :)
    Jeff this site is like I thought, extremly good. I enjoy all of the pictures you took and will be looking forward to others in the future.
    I enjoyed this site very much. It has a lot of gift ideas. I will certainly be returning.
    Love the sight. Wish I could be back. Miss it. From an old resident of 11 years. It was a great place to grow up. ADAM L. SERFASS-PHILADELPHIA

             See you in early December!

     This is a really great site but haven't U got more pictures.
     Thank you! I have been looking for an hour to find something about the ring of fire. I finally had to go to "ask Jeeves" to find you. I typed in Ring of Fire on the search station but it didn't show any sites at all.
    I was sorry to hear that regulations prohibit you from advertising your Koa wood pipes. I am a pipe smoker, creative artist, and an interested collector. Please keep me posted, i would like to ad a few of your pipes to my collection. If there are no restrictions may i order a small piece of the Koa wood, and make a few myself. Black Sun Treasures!
    Much Aloha to all who have created this site. I truly appreciate it very much. I find it to be very informative and helpful. I am talking about this site so much that I hope my classmates are viewing it as well.
    I am happy to see that what I have been telling tourists about the islands and the sacred lava rocks is having an affect on those out there. It is such a shame that non-locals of Hawaii are abusing our legends and superstitions. It is about time that they get dealt with by the Goddess Pele. Much Love and Aloha from Danell :-)
    Greetings, from Black Sun Treasures. Your website has been a valuable source of volcano info.
    Black Sun Treasures is looking forward to more volcano art and creativity. We do not have a web site yet, but our interest is the wonderful variety of volcano related raw materials. Rx Creator/Artist B S T
    Hallo Beate, ich habe deinen Eintrag im Gästebuch von Lemgo gefunden. Eure Page gefällt mir gut. Toll wäre es wenn ihr das ganze in Deutsch auch anbieten könntet ansonsten weiter so!! mfg
    Ia Orana from tahiti, my family has adored the goddess Pele, before christianity reached us.... Perhaps you could put informations on tutu Pele here too :)
    We had a great time in Volcano ! You site brings back wonderful memories from our trip.
    Aloha - I enjoy your site, I like looking at the volcano pics on your sites. I`m into weather watching and atmospheric happenings. Good webbing on the 'net'.
    Mahalo, Ka`aumoana Abraham, President Kanai`a Enterprise
    Hallo, viele liebe Grüsse aus Lemgo senden mommse@aol.com (Gabriele Irmen). Mein Mann hat heute deine Website auf der www.lemgo.de-Seite gefunden. Hier ist es ca. 25 Grad Celsius. Das Wochenende soll sehr schön werden. Mein Sohn würde auch gern nach Hawaii kommen. Gibt es Arbeit für Gas- und Wasserinstallateure? :-) Schönes Wochenende wünscht Gabriele und Hans-Jürgen
    Hallo Beate, viele Gruesse aus Lemgo / Lippe
    Fand deinen Eintrag im Gästebuch der Stadt Lemgo
    Thanks for having such a great website. We found a lot of information that was really helpful for planning our trip.   Aloha! Kathy Dallas, Texas
    I will be visiting there in August and would like to receive a brochure about Kilauea Military Camp describing what is included, etc.
    Hello, I just love your web site i look forward to new stuff each month. Take care, stacy
    I like your site it is very cool
    This site rocks!!!
    Beautiful! Paula Jones
    hey, grüße nach hawaii aus dem schönen lemgo!
    I just wanted to let you know that this web page on volcanoes told me a lot of information on what I needed to know. I am doing a prodject in science and I waited to the minute to get my infortion. Untill I came across this web page I thought I would never finish in time. Thanks to this web page I got a (B+) on my prodject and it took me about ten minutes to do because all the information I needed was right here in this web page. Thanks, Melissa
    rose urban, im new to quilting could use all the help i can get
    Hi this site is cool     
    David Geislinger
    Hi I'm a 7th grader at Mountain Brook Jr. high and I love your site
    Well ALOHA then! BUTTERNUT
    Dear Rainbow,
    Thank you for returning the green sand to Green Sand Beach and since you did so, it appears good fortunes are on the horizon.
    Aloha, writing from Colorado. Father's side is Hawaiian and I didn't get a chance to grow up on the Islands. Finally got to visit in 1996 and was touched by the people, scenery, devotion and heritage. Wish I could learn more. Love hitting Hawaiian websites.     HOME SICK IN DENVER. . . . . Mahalo and Aloha Juanita
    Hi I'm Glen and I am searching Hawaii Volcanoes. If you get a chance please e-mail me some info. Thanx bye
    volcano pictures
    I think this webpage is great!
    Famous colors, fine goods, lots of information - really a volcano site. I send you some greetings from the old hanseatic town Lemgo in germany. And the best wishes for a lot of success with the shop and all the other activities. So on.....
    hey, this web-site is so cool.it helped me out a lot when i did my volcano project thanx.
    If you have a Catolage could you please email me one.
    Hello from missouri! You have a great Web site! From Jeremy and Aunt Joan Aloha!
    i am doing a project on volcanoes and it has to be handed in by wednesday but I couldn't find much information. I have been in 20 different websites and found nothing so it would really be good if you have anymore imformation would you put it in so I can finish my project thanks bye my name is leanne..... ALOHA Leanne... We can't send you info without having your email!!   Please let us know what info you are looking for, including your e-mail address.... If we can we gladly help...
    Hi......Ich kann kein Englisch.... habe Deine Adresse auf der Home von Lemgo gefunden.Ich grüße Dich,eine Frage wie kommt Deine Adresse auf die Home von Lemgo? Gerd
     Good Program!
    Mr. Heberling's 8th grade Amer. History Class. Aldrich Middle School, Beloit, Wisconsin Two of my students had a good time cruising this site. It is great to see students motivated and using the computer for something other than playing games.
    Hey everybody this website is veryu awesom!!!
    Krista Willis
    Aloha: A friend and I just returned from your paradise. Had a very short two weeks, and our conversations about our visit always include talk of the fabulous volcano memories we have. We were fortunate enough to spend the night there and had the whole next day to enjoy, and it took every minute of that day! I only wish I had discovered your web site before our visit. It is very very informative. I look forward to the day I return, and will bring other friends and family to share the beautiful and powerful piece of life you have, known as the volcano.....Sincerely, Kathy Karsten, St. Louis. MO
    I'm overwhelmed! There are just so many good things to say about Hawaii...I don't know where to start! Peg
    I have been to Hawaii many times and love it. I have been there when the volcano was erupting and it was really beutiful. I learned about the site from my son.
    I loved the gallery. I saw some really cool close up picture. I will visite again!    Taryn
    We enjoyed Volcano very much and also browsing your site!
    Please send me more informations about visiting the Hawai islands
    We love the Hiiaka House!
    I think this page is very cool and it has great info on stuff thanks bye.
    Great site! We enjoyed all the pictures from the National Park!
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