Lava Rock Returned to Hawaii!
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It is believed that taking lava rocks from Hawaii might result in being followed by bad luck. Just in case!...
The rocks shown on this page have been returned to Hawaii by the people who wrongfully took them. 
The lava rocks were returned to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where "Pele",  
the Hawaiian Fire Goddess and Creator of Lava resides.

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* Here are the newest pictures of the rocks that where returned:

2000_1.jpg (8441 bytes)
J.M, Highland Park, NJ
2000_2.jpg (15509 bytes)
W.T., Alvaton, KY

J.RS, Redondo Beach, CA
2000_4.jpg (12455 bytes)
Anchorage, AK
2000_5.jpg (156979 bytes)
Alex, Hicksville, NY
2000_6.jpg (9043 bytes)
2000_7.jpg (14594 bytes)
Stockton, CA
2000_8.jpg (14356 bytes)
N.H, Cotati, CA
2000_9.jpg (163752 bytes)
BJT, New York
2000_10.jpg (142658 bytes)
J.O., San Francisco, CA
(Coffee Plant on lava rock)
2000_11.jpg (13723 bytes)
K.S, Fairfield, KT
2000_12.jpg (10579 bytes)
J., Irving, TX
2000_13.jpg (12385 bytes)
D.W., Hayward, CA
2000_14.jpg (8432 bytes)
2000_15.jpg (190755 bytes)
J.L., Clinton Township, MI
2000_16.jpg (155227 bytes)
M.P., Fredericksen AB, Canada

MEDIA INFORMATION: To TV Production Companies, Magazine Editors, etc.:
To TV Production Companies, Magazine Editors, etc.:
Very Frequently we receive inquires from TV Production companies and Magazine Editors from all over the world wanting to produce a documentary or  story about the lava rock return and requesting information from us including copies of letters and contact information of people that have send lava rocks back to us.. 

We appreciate anyone's interest regarding this matter, however, it is our policy to not participate in any commercial TV production projects and /or magazine articles about Lava Rock Return and the commercialization of such. 

The return of the lava rocks is a confidential personal service handled by volunteers to give people that can not return the lava rocks in person to Hawaii an option for still doing so, and giving them at the same time the piece of mind of haven taken care of this in an attempt to reverse the believed negative impact of having taken rocks from Hawaii from their mind. 
Additionally, we keep all contact information regarding people that returned lava rocks and their identity confidential, and any stories sent to us are posted as time is available at are copyrighted.  We do not give permission for reprints for commercial or any other purpose, nor authorize the use of our company name in any way for any purpose at any time.     

This is a private confidential service handled by volunteers and we do not talk to media at any time, nor do we give information or interviews of any kind at any time to anyone, no exception.


Rainbow Moon Lava Rock Return


For more information about returning your lavarock, please click here

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