"Hawaiian Scent" Neck Wrap
Natural aromatherapy pack with delicate tropical scent.

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The Hawaiian Neck Wraps’ plush comfy fit is useful for rest and 
relaxation to soothing achy muscles and joints. It gently relaxes tense shoulder and neck muscles while a special mix of Hawaiian floral and spice fragrances evoke images of being in Hawaii, helping to relax the mind.


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Natural Warm Therapy Pack for Relaxation and Pain Reduction. A new thermal treatment that combines the benefits of aromatherapy with pain reducing moist heat for total mind and body relaxation.

For the Relief of:

General muscle fatigue     Tightness and stiffness

Arthritic and rheumatic pain

Aromatherapy - Blended floral scent, herbs and spices have a calming and relaxing effect on your system through your senses.

Pain Reducing Moist Heat. The weight and flexibility of each pack allows the comforting moist heat to penetrate deeper dwon into injured tissues than conventiral packs.

Quick and Easy. Microwaveable. Moist heat in minutes. No boiling. No dripping packs. No towels to prepare. No cords to limit you movement.

Long Lasting. Effective for over one year of daily use.

Protects against Heat Overuse. A treatment should not exceed 30 minutes. (Pack retain heat for approximately 30 minutes).


Microwave Oven - Place pack in microwave on high for one minute. Check heat in pack by holding pack in hands for about 30 seconds. If the pack is not hot enough, return to Microwave for 30 seconds intervals until pack meets your desired temperature.

(The Hawaiian Neck Wrap will retain heat for about 20-30 minutes.)

Satisfaction Guaranteed - If you are not happy with your purchase, return it within 30 days with your receipt for full refund or purchase price.

Designed with you in mind for:

Comfort and Durability.
Individually hand crafted from strong rich high quality 100% soft cotton to put next to your skin.

The flexibility of each pack conforms to the contour for your body.

The Hawaiian Neck Wrap is designed to stay in place as you move about.

Your Heat Sensitivity Level
The desired heat can be regulated for safety, comfort and effectiveness by the length of time heated in the microwave.  It might take a few times to experiment to figure out your own perfect preferred temperature / time to heat, but from then on your are set.

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