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* If you have any historical items that might be of interest to others, please send us a picture and description, and we will be happy to post it here here. 

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Postcard - Volcano House ca. 1920

Postcard - Volcano House ca. 1950

Volcano House ca. 1902

Postcard - Volcano Eruption - date not known

These photos are from the June 1959 issue of National Geographic. 
Article entitled- Volcanic Fires of the 50th State. 
Pictures are of the 1955 eruption of Kilauea on the island of Hawaii

Print - 1887 Engraving of Kilauea Volcano Hawaii 

KilaueaEruption5.jpg (16914 bytes)
Postcard - 1920s - Kilauea Volcano 

Volcano House

This pretty pin up person was painted around 1925 by an unknown author in much the style of the roaring twenties. 


Jimmy Buffet made a GREAT song about living near a Volcano! ( Even though it was not Kilauea...)

Seeing the Volcano by Horse Back 

An older photo postcard showing a view of a road through the Fern Forest between Hilo and Kilauea, Hawaii.

Kilauea Volcano ca. 1908

Hand tinted real photo postcard showing MT. KILAUEA with visitors looking on. HAWAII 1926

Volcano House, early 1900

Early Postal Card Showing a Platino Gravure Inset of the Kilauea Volcano House. 1903

volcan51.jpg (290355 bytes)
Posted 7/10/02 A photo of my great grandfather, Henry L. Pittock, from Portland, Oregon standing with a group of women on a lava flow.  We are trying to identify the women in the photo.  I know the photo was taken sometime between Feb. 3 and Feb. 17, 1906.  Tildie MacNaughton TildieM@aol.com 

Response on 11/8/02   The picture of Henry L. Pittock that Tildie Mc Naughton posted is
fascinating. As he is also my Great-Grandfather, I can only add that two of the women pictured are to me, by looks,  relatives. Please ask Tildie if she thinks that lady sitting next to HLP is our Great-Grandmother Georgiana---- and the lady the furthest away could possible be Georgiana's sister.
Anyway, I would appreciate it if you would give Tildie my e-mail address and we can discuss it further. I also would love a copy of the photo, it is wonderful !!
Sidi Teren  SidiT@aol.com 


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