Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

To protect the park and yourself, please obey these rules:

  • Fires are prohibited except in the pavilion fireplaces located at Namakani Paio and Kipuka Pualulu.  Check with rangers about the use of briquettes or camp stoves.  Do not smoke while hiking. 

  • Park vehicles in designated pullouts;  the exhaust system of a vehicle parked off the road in a grassy area can start a fire.
    Motorized vehicles are restricted to paved roadways.

  • Collecting rocks (including lava, sand, and minerals), cultural artifacts, or plants and animals is prohibited.

  • Fishing along the coast from Halape to the park's eastern boundary is reserved for Native Hawaiians of the Kalapana area and their guests.

  • Pets must be under control at all times.  Dogs are not allowed on trails or in the backcountry.  Nene and other ground nesting birds are vulnerable to harassment and predation.

  • Bicycles are permitted on roadways, the Escape Road, and paved sections of the the Crater Rim Trial.  Check with rangers for exceptions.

  • Nene (the Hawaiian goose) is an endangered species that needs your protection.   Watch for Nene on roads.  Slow down and pay particular attention to Nene habitat areas marked by signs.  DO NOT FEED NENE.  Feeding causes them to beg for food by roadsides and approach moving vehicles.

  • Cultural Resources include archeological sites and artifacts.  Do not climb on or alter any rock structures, such as rock walls, heiau (ancient temples), or petroglyphs (rock engravings).

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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

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