Hawaiian Rotary Print Fitted Face Mask

  • Hawaiian Floral Cotton Face Mask

Masks handcrafted in Volcano Village.

Style 2 - Fitted Cotton Face Mask with Rotary International Fabric Pattern.  Limited Supply.

Option 1 - Mask with Elastic ( pull over ear ) 

Option 2 - Mask with 1/2 Length Straps ( pull over ear ) 
Straps are tied with a "slide knot" which allows to adjust how tight you want the mask to be on your face for optimum comfort.

Option 3 - Mask with Full Straps 
Mask ties behind head and neck with 2 sets of full length straps. Undo just the upper straps if you want to drink something without worrying were to set down your mask. Perfect for someone that has to wear a mask for long periods of time during the day.

Small ( for a child or small adult ) 6 1/2" wide
Medium ( fits most people ) 7 1/2" wide
Large  8 1/2" wide

More Details:
All our masks include embedded metal wire for a snug fit around nose and are 2 layer high quality cotton. The Inside of each mask is made of different complimenting fabric so the wearer knows which is inside/outside to avoid contamination.  

Each Fabric Style is on hand in limited supply.  Additional prints available.  If we run out of the style you chose before making your mask we will contact you right away so you can choose an alternate pattern.   Normally we ship within 24-48 hours.   All orders and expected shipping date will personally be confirmed  and you are not charged till your order is ready to ship.   We ship mask via First Class Mail at $3.50 per order ( 4-7 day delivery) but you may upgrade to Priority mail at an additional $5.00 per order  ( 3 day shipping ).