Dietrich Varez Jewelry Collection 

Island Style Jewelry:

This Hawaiian Story Jewelry Collection is an artistic colaboration with one of the most well known and  artists of Hawaii, Dietrich Varez, who is beloved throughout the islands and often referred to as the "Prince of Prints".  

Dietrich is respected for depicting Hawaiian Myths, Legends, and stylized life in beautiful and well researched artwork.  He created carved all his print blocks by hand and his prints itself were done one at at time on the floor of his little house he build admits the Volcano rainforest.  Our beautiful jewelry is made in similar fashion, by hand, one at at time, and each one is uniqe.  There are no two exactly like it.  We are delighted to honor Dietrich's legacy by being able to bring you his designs as wearable art in Sterling Silver and Vermeil. 

This "Wearable Art" Jewelry based on the art of Dietrich's block prints is one of the finest most unique Hawaii made Jewelry you can own and exclusively handcrafted by Volcano Artists Ken and Beate Arnopole.  Handmade one at a time right in Volcano Village, and avaialable in 925 Sterling Silver or 24K Gold Vermeil.  Accent gemstones can be added , and custom orders are always welcome.  Dietrich was tickled to see his artwork made into fine jewelry so that people could not just look at it on the wall, but wear it, and have it be part of their daily life.


Religious Jewelry: 

Handmade Hawaiian Crosses:

Volcano Artist "Beate" created a wonderful handmade Hawaiian Cross to go along with Dietrich Varez's images of the two Hawaiian Saints, St. Damien and St. Marianne. 

This amazing piece is a "KUKUI BLOSSOM CROSS" that is available in either 925 Sterling Silver or 24K Gold Vermeil ( 24K Gold over Sterling Silver ), and is available in several sizes, as well as earrings and a bracelet version. 

Kukui is the tree of the Island of Molokai and the design was inspired by an old time Hawaiian Quilt Pattern.  Kukui is in Hawaii a symbol of "Light" and "Truth" perfectly suited for being the design of our favorite cross. 

We are just in the process to add our religious jewelry collection to this site, so check back often. If you are looking for something immediately , please don't hesitate to call us at 808-987-0920.


Saint Damien Rosaries

Dietrich Varez worked with a Nun from the Catholic Church in Honolulu to develop a set of Block Prints depicting Father Damian and Mother Marianne.  Since these original prints were created both of them were cannonized into Sainthood and are today the only two Saints in Hawaii.  

Volcano Artist "Beate" creates gorgeous handmade rosaries with handmade medalions incorporating Dietrich's artwork of St. Damien and St. Marianne.  Medalions for both Saint Damien and Saint Marianne are available, and custom orders are welcome. 

Beate created also two separate crosses to be used for the handmade rosaries.  Once cross is a special KUKUI BLOSSOM Cross, listed above the Rosary, and it is based on an ancient quilt pattern.  Kukui is the Tree of Molokai, which was the home of Saint Damien, and Kukui is a symbol of light and truth.  The other cross is an actual crucifix that was custom designed for the Saint Damien and Saint Marian rosaries.   Custom orders are always welcome.  
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