Hula Dancer Pendant L

 Dietrich Varez Story Jewelry:This special pendant depicts a Hawaiian Hula dancer, gracefully embracing the tradition of the ancient Hula Kahiko.   The design was created under an exclusive license with Hawaii's beloved block print artist "Dietrich Varez", who was delighted to see his artwork handcrafted into fine jewelry.

The dancer is surrounded by her favorite Hula implements Puʻili and ʻuliʻuli, tropical plants, and she dances to honor her ancestors.    A perfect gift for any Hula Enthusiast.

Regardless if you enjoy Hula, dance Hula, or just have an appreciation for Hawaiian Culture and the Islands, wear this pendant as a visual statement of your Love for Hula, or as a good luck amulet.  This is a wonderful treasure of handmade Hawaiian Style wearable art you will enjoy forever. 

Each pendant of Varez Wearable Art has a one-of-a-kind hand-sculpted design on the back  that is unique to each piece, so no two are exactly alike, and your pendant is a true one-of-a-kind. . The textured back gives each creation a stunning multi-dimensional feel . Along with the texture design it also contains the 925 Silver Mark, the Japanese sign for Peace,  a  Rainbow Man Petroglyph, and our Jeweler's Mark. Sizes:
SMALL ( Pendant & Earrings ): 22mm x 15mm ( 7/8" x 5/8")
MEDIUM (Pendant): 25mm x 18mm ( 1 1/16" x 3/4")
LARGE (Pendant): 31mm x 23mm (1 1/16" x 3/4")

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