• 24K Gold Vermeil Pele Necklace with genuine Topaz Gemstone
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  • By Order

Pele at Kilauea Necklace - 925 Sterling Silver or 24K Gold Vermeil - Handmade in Volcano, Hawaii - $245.00-$295.00

This is our "Signature" Volcano Goddess "Pele" Necklace.   An amazing freeform statement piece that is so unique, it will definitely get lots of attention when wearing it..   Back to Dietrich Varez Jewelry Collection


Each necklace is handcrafted one at a time and no two are exactly alike.   Handmade in our studio in the upland rainforest of Volcano, which is located right next to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. 

This creation is a design collaboration between the works of Dietrich Varez, one of Hawaii's most beloved print maker, and the talents of artists and jewelry designers Ken and Beate Arnopole.  

You can also custom order this necklace with a genuine gemstone of your choice.   On the right is a sample of a custom made Pele Necklace that is adorned by a stunning genuine blue topaz gemstone.  Custom request for specific gemstones to your liking are always welcome, including requests for custom chain length.  Please EMAIL US to inquire.

Standard Length: 18" 
Pendant size: 
24K Gold Vermeil Pele Necklace with genuine Topaz Gemstone

Latest Customer Review :

....."I love the necklace! It is exactly what I hoped for. It will be a lovely reminder of my recent visit to Hawaii and Volcano National Park. Thank you for your prompt attention and your concern for my satisfaction. Happy New Year, Erica" ..