Handmade - Hawaii Conference and Event Gifts
..some of our most popular items..

Unique Handmade Gifts from Hawaii for your Next Event: 

Koa Wood Surfboard Awards
We specialize in working with Corporations, Event Planners and Destination Management Consultants (DMCs) to create unique gifts that will be well received and appreciated. All our gifts are handcrafted in our artist studio in Volcano Village on the Big Island of Hawaii, and we can ship with Fedex or UPS directly to your event.

If you would like something custom created just let us know your event details, timing, and budget, and we will be happy to work with you to create something beautiful and impressive that will be appreciated by all recipients of your special gift.   Custom Gift Boxing / Packaging is also available. 

Shown above are our popular solid Koa Wood surfboard awards.  Available in a variety of sizes to fit any budget.  CLICK HERE for more info and pictures of our surfboard awards

Custom engraving available for most items 

  • Solid Koa Wood Coasters - Hawaii Conference Gift

One Gift? Large order? No problem!  We would love your business!  We offer quantity discount pricing for any event orders and will be happy to submit a quote for any item upon request.   Custom orders are always welcome and often we come up with brand new items for that special gift you are looking for.   

Custom Engraving and Gift Packaging available.  We always try to chose packaging solutions that matches the company colors.. just to give it that extra bit special attention to detail that special gifts should have.   Shown on the left is an example of our custom Engraved Koa Wood Coasters.  (Your or our artwork). 

Here are some more suggestions for your next event : 

  • Koa Wood Treasure Boxes - Hawaii Event Gift

Koa Wood Keepsake / Treasure Boxes

 Our Koa Wood Keepsake Treasure boxes is a gift that everyone will love.  Each box features a drop in lid that can be engraved with a Hawaiian Image or your customer logo or text. The boxes feature a single compartment and the inside bottom is lined with black felt or velvet.  The Koa Wood we use is exclusively from the Big Island of Hawaii and only wood from trees that have naturally fallen is used. A gift that will remind the recipient of their trip to Hawaii for years to come.
We create boxes in varies sizes, IE: 3x3, 4x4, 3x5, and even larger 4x6 and 5x7 for the larger person specific gift.

CLICK HERE to find out more about our Koa Wood Boxes

Hawaiian Sea Salt Bamboo Boxes

Hawaiian Sea Salt Bamboo Boxes

Each Bamboo Box is 3" in diameter and includes Hawaiian "Alaea" Sea Salt. Each box includes a custom engraving and a small salt spoon, as well as a decorative ribbon and flower. 
A Hawaiian Salt Box is a perfect gift for an event.  We also create Koa Wood Salt Boxes upon request. 

Solid Koa Wood Frames

One of our specialties is to create solid Koa Wood Frames with our without tropical accents.  4x6, 5x7 8x10, and 11x14, or custom sizes. Tropical accents can be such items as Petroglyph Turtles  ( as shown in the picture ) which are in Hawaii a symbol of Good Luck.  Very popular are also our Plumeria Flower Accents.   Each frame comes with an easel back so it can be displayed vertical or horizontal. Special request ? .. just ask. 


CLICK HERE to find out more about our Koa Wood Frames

Koa Wood & Stainless Steel Coffee Scoops / Hawaiian Coffee

One of our newest items.  A high quality Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop with a special Koa Wood Design featuring Hawaiian "Honu" ( Turtles), which are a symbol of Good Luck.  The Coffee Scoop is available in a 1TBSP (15ml) and 2TBSP (30ml) version.  Each one is packaged in a decorative organza bag with gift tag, ribbon, and accent flower. Different colored bags are available, and you can also bundle the coffee scoop with other gift items , like our favorite Kona Coffee, to create an even more special gift.  Let us know your budget to stay within, and we will create a gift option for you that will leave your participants of your event appreciative and impressed. 

  • Custom designed Hawaiian Coasters - Solid Koa Wood

Custom Conference Name Tags - Solid Koa Wood - Magnet Back

One of our newest items.  You provide the list of names and we will design a custom name tag for your event or conference in Hawaii.  No minimum quantity.    A custom Koa Wood Name Tag adds that little bit extra to your event and it will be a wonderful Keepsake of Hawaii for every attendant. 

Questions ? .. Just call or text our Studio at 808-967-8617.  We will be happy to personally talk with you to see how we can help you with any project you may have. 

Koa Wood Desktop Award Paddle, 10" 

Koa Wood Desktop Paddle Award

10" solid Koa Wood Paddle on a custom designed base.
The right side of the holder symbolizes the ocean with air bubbles rising to the surface of the waves. Includes personalized engraved plaque with your logo or message. 

Koa Wood Pens, solid curly Koa or segmented style

Hand-turned Koa Wood Collector Pens. Made in Volcano Hawaii

Each pen is a one of a kind.  We create all curly Koa Wood Pens or fancy segmented pens or a combination, as shown in the above picture.  Gift Boxes and desktop Koa Wood Pen Bases available. 

Shop Koa Wood Pens. 

Solid Koa Wood Boxes with cutom Engraving

Our Dietrich Varez "Canoe Paddler" images is very popular for employee recognition or retirement gifts.  Thank that special person for being part of the team, or wish them a good voyage ahead.  Boxes are available in a variety of sizes to fit your budget.  
Shop Koa Wood Boxes

Personalized engraved 29" solid Koa Wood Paddle 

Very popular is also our solid Koa Wood 29" Paddle.  The perfect Retirement Gift or  ?   Includes wall mounting bracket for vertical display. 

Koa Wood Custom Signs

We make a variety of solid Koa Wood signs that can be custom engraved.  Either just with a word or phrase, Hawaii, a message, or perhaps the family name.  Signs can be as little as 3"x 5" or our 3" x 10" full size.   They can either feature a small rope for hanging, or be created with a standard saw tooth hanger on the back. 

Gourmet Hawaiian Treats
Gift Baskets 

Small budget ? ...Large Budget ? .. We create custom gift baskets with Hawaiian Gourmet Treats to match to what you are looking for.  We work with you to select the right items and packaging to make sure you and all your participants will be pleased with what they receive.  

This is a perfect in-room Gift that keeps on giving.  Utilizing the fabric basket is very eco-friendly choice as it is easily folded up and taken home in the luggage after the goodies within it are consumed.  And the basket can be used for many years to come, reminding them of a great trip to Hawaii.

EMAIL US with your budget and quantity you need and date and location of event, and we will put a custom gift basket together with optional choices for you to select from. 

We have many more items available, so let us help you pick just the right gift for your conference.
Please call us at 808-987-0920 . Ask for "Bea" Mahalo !

Custom Gift Baskets Made to your Budget

We specialize in creating gift baskets with 100% local Hawaii Items.  This is our newest packaging .. the minute your recipient receives this beautiful gift they say "wow" so many goodies.... Color ribbon and flower decoration can be made to match your company color.  We can create this gift basket .. or should we say "box" in a couple different sizes and contents can be selected to meet your budget.  Questions ? just call "Bea" at 808-987-0920 or EMAIL US. 

..many more items available...
please contact us..

We have many more items available that are suited for special conference and event gifts..
Please give us a call at 808-987-0920 or email us at info@volcanogallery.com and let us know the criteria and budget
of your gift giving need, and we will be happy to suggest some great gifts to you. We are always happy to provide
personal customer service to our customers and look forward to hearing from you.

Lead Artist & Designer at Volcano Gallery