Hawaii Volcano Ornament in Solid Koa Wood Frame

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Engraved Koa Wood Ornament in Koa Wood Frame - Only $95.00

A perfect small works of art that always finds a place in anyone's home. This is a 6" x 6" solid Koa Wood frame with a Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Ornament that is mounted on black velvet. ( Removable). A truly unique stunning piece.  The ornament is engraved and features amazing details depicting the Hawaiian Nene, Hapuu Fern, OhiaTree, Lehua Blossom, Silversword, Kilauea Volcano, and all surrounded by a Maile Lei.  Original Artwork by Dietrich Varez.  This is a Volcano Gallery exclusive and we are proud to create this beautiful piece of Hawaiian Art in our Volcano Artist Studio.