Koa Wood Desk Art - Makoa Runner - 5" x 2.5" $75.00

Amazing Solid Koa Wood Desk Art Engraving featuring Makoa Runner - Handmade in Hawaii !  

This beautiful Solid Koa Wood engraved plaque depicts MAKOA, the fastest runner in Hawaii.  Storry has it that he was able to run so fast, that after picking up the fish in Hilo it was still wiggling when delivering it to King Kamehameha on the other side of the island.  This is a perfect gift for any running enthusiast or anyone that has or will be runnign a race in Hawaii. 
This plaque is an artistic collaboration between the amazing artwork of Dietrich Varez, beloved throughout the islands for his block prints depicting Hawaiian Legends, Myths, and stylyzed Life, and the talents of Volcano Artist and Designer, Bea Arnopole.   The end results is this beautiful engraved plaque, crafted in Bea's studio in Volcano, and made one at a time.  Exact color and grain varies from one piece of Koa to the next, but we will guarantee that you will love your special Small Work of Art from Hawaii.   Of course the plaque can also be hung on a wall if you prefer.

Material: Solid Koa Wood
Size: approx. 5" wide x 2 1/2" tall
Koa Wood Easel Included

*** Quantity Orders for Hawaii Conferences and Events or Corporate Gifting Welcome!
*** Custom engraving available .