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  • Enclosed are 5 lava rocks that my wife & I took from the Big Island during our honeymoon in April of 1991. We've regretted it ever since. Our luck has been tough the last 13 years. Well, today is our 13th Wedding Anniversary. We've rededicated ourselves to each other and setting things right. ..not only with each other, but with Pele. Please return these missing rocks to her along with our apologies.  Sincerely, T. & C.G., Bellingham, WA  

  • I just arrived home from a fantastic vacation in Kona. While walking on the public access beach at the Sands Resort I picked up a small piece of lava rock & coral to bring home. When I arrived home and unpacked I was showing my husband my souvenirs and he panicked when I pulled out the rock & coral. He wouldn't touch it and immediately took out our laptop to show me your website. So...I've only been home a few hours and I'm already writing this note to return the stone. My apologies for the indiscretion, I never realized the religious significance of the stones or the superstitions against removing them from the island. I had some of the best days and greatest luck of my life the last few days and I have no desire to change the balance.  Thank you for creating this site and providing me with the opportunity to have these items replaced respectfully where they belong.  Best regards, V.W., Trenton, NJ 

  • At the beginning of the year a colleague of mine went to Hawaii on a MRI conference. I asked him to bring back a stone or two for me. He brought a few small pieces of lava. It seems since them that we have had bad luck. I have been in Hospital twice, I am normally very healthy. I changed my job and we moved 200 miles. The new company decided to close one of their departments and as a result I am now unemployed. We sold our house when we moved and made a loss on that as well.
    I do not know if these are just coincidences but too many things have gone wrong in too short a time. I am not usually superstitious but... . I regret that I cannot send you a donation.-We are extremely down financially and it is just not possible. Please return the lava to its rightful resting place.   Many thanks, Stephen, Germany

  • Madame Pele, I am returning that which is rightfully yours and was never mine to keep. Please accept my most humble apologizies. I hope someday I may be returned to your favor. With sincere regret, Kathi,  

  • Please return these "Lava Rocks" to the beach. I took them home with me 10 years ago from Maui. Hope this lifts any curses. R. & B.F., Lake Forest, CA

  • Thank you for returning to Pele - A few things have happened that I take as signs. I think she might want this back. R.M., Sherman Oaks, CA

  • Dear Residents of Hawaii, I did not know that you were not supposed to take lava from Hawaii. I collected a couple of big rocks and several small ones because I thought they were so beautiful. I just got back from Hawaii the day before yesterday and my mother informed me that the Goddess of Pele does not like it. I did not know I was doing something disrespectful to Hawaiian land and traditional culture. Please return these rocks to the homeland (they are from the Big Island). I will come back to Hawaii soon and will apologize to Pele personally myself. Thank you for providing this service. Please accept this donation. I wanted to double it, because I took so much and it is a heavy load. Love, J.K., Federal Way, WA

  • Please return these lava rocks, we were visiting the Volcano in Maui, and my girls were studying volcano's in school here in Nevada at the time and were excited to bring a couple back to give to their teachers, when we were told about the Volcano Goddess. Please return and Thank-You. M.A.P., Henderson, NV

  • Please take these rocks and return them to the goddess Pele and ask for forgiveness for taking them. My husband and I went on vacation to Hawaii 5 years ago and he picked up the rocks not knowing about the bad luck. They've been sitting on my entertainment center all this time and we have had the worst luck, loss of jobs, sickness, financial problems, and marital problems. Please kindly return the rocks and I will pray that my bad luck will go away. Thank you. A.& R., Philadelphia, PA

  • I visited Hawaii in July 2003. Ihad a wonderful time. And we traveled even the islands, I picked up 2 lava rocks - later I heard that it displeased the Gods - also, your luck will begin to turn to bad. Well, I can tell you - mine has changed to terrible - started having trouble with my daughter in law - my job suffered because of this - (my son owned the business). Started having trouble with my boy-friend - finally lost him - then more trouble at work  - then I lost my job due to an irate daughter in law - finally my son fired  me and told me he never wanted to see me again - to stay completely out of his live - Now - I have no male companion - no job - no daughter in law - no son - Bad Luck please go away. A.G. Philadelphia, PA (or Silvester, GA?)

  • I have enclosed the lava rock I picked up along the road back from Hana almost five years ago. I have had such a difficult string of bad luck since that time. My family and I have experienced horrible disease, death, job loss, sexual abuse, financial troubles and depression since I mistakenly took the rock as a beautiful souvenir of a beautiful place. My daughter told me about the lava rock legend an has urged me to send it back. I hope that my luck will change once it is back in it's rightful home. I assure you, if I ever have the opportunity to visit Hawaii again, I will never pick up a lava rock again. I will also share the story with others. Gratefully yours, C.D., Davie, FL

  • Please return these rocks to a proper spot for me. Since I do not have a computer, would you please notify my girlfriend when you receive these? Thank you, S.E., Pittsburg, PA

  • Thanks for returning this black sand from the beach on Maui, near Hana. My now ex-wife & I took the sand on our honeymoon in October of 2002. Things just went down hill for the 2 of us after we got back from Hawaii & divorced in August of 2003. I hope to turn my luck around with future relationships and other things going on in my life. Sorry Madame Pele for removing the rocks from your island. Thanks again, M.S. Moorhead, MN

  • Please return this volcanic sand and small rock to the beach (not shure of the name). I was unaware of the curse and apologize for taking it. Sincerely, M.G., Markham, ON, Canada

  • Enclosed are three small lava rocks my husband and took from the Volcano National Park in August 1990. I told him many times not to take any lava rock because I had heard about a curse. Needless to say, he did not listen to me. Since then, we have had bad luck, mainly financial problems. Many times I was going to mail them back, but we kept losing the rocks in our house (not a good idea). We had moved from California to Texas in 1997 when my husband accepted a new position with his company. We packed up our kids and moved 1500 miles away from family. After a few years, he was passed over for a promotion and decided to find a new job. He found a great job with an international company and things were going well until June 2001 when he was "downsized." This was just after his father passed away in May. After spending six weeks looking for a job, with no results whatsoever, he decided to retrain to be a flight dispatcher. We thought this was great idea -- l already worked for a major airline, he could get a job with another airline, and we could travel the world! He passed all of his FAA exams on September 7, 2001. On September 11, 2001, we left Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport at about 7:45 a.m. to fly to Kansas for a job interview for my husband. After the terrorist attacks happened, our plane was ordered, to land at.Oklahoma City Airport and life has never been the same. Airlines no longer needed entry-level flight dispatchers, so my husband was once again out of a job. I was also laid off because of the decrease in travel. There we were - both unemployed, 1500 miles 'from family with two young kids and a mortgage. I knew we needed to find those rocks and send them back! After much discussion, we decided to sell the house in Texas and move back to California to be with family. By this time my husband was agreeing with me that we needed to find those rocks and SEND THEM BACK TO PELE! Since then, we have both found good jobs (yes, we are fortunate there), but the little irritating things kept happening. Finally, last month I FOUND THE ROCKS! We put the rocks in a safe place and told the kids not to touch them. We explained about the curse to them and said we were sending the lava rocks back where they needed to be (where Daddy should have left them in the first place ). I sent the lava rocks back Express Mail because we want to make sure they get back to Hawaii as soon as possible. My husband is very sorry he did not listen to me and took the rocks. We are both very sorry that we kept "misplacing" the rocks (part of the curse??). At long last, here they are. Please return them to the island of Hawaii so that our lives can get back to normal and my husband promises that when we bring the kids to see your beautiful island, he will not take the lava rocks away from their special place. (Yes, he is listening to me a little better now.) Sincerely, K.E., Beaumont, CA

  • In 1975, I collected a handful of small lava rocks from near the visitor center at Volcanoes National Park. At 11 years old I didn't know any better. I simply thought they were beautiful, and I have enjoyed looking at them over the years. I have no idea if they brought me bad luck, but it's time to return them and hope for Pele's forgiveness. I found your website on-line and I'm grateful for your help. Enclosed please find a small donation. Sincerely, L.E., Minden, NV

  • We have enjoyed and been blessed by these rocks since our two trips to Hawaii, but our daughter recently told us that it is wrong to take rocks from the islands - so we are returning these treasures to you. They are from the South Point area. Many blessings, S. & D., Danville, CA

  • Please put back to its proper place in life. Thank you, M.L.S., Lake Havasu City, AZ

  • Please Return these native rocks to their Islands of origin. May they be happy in their native land and enjoy their longevity (baking?) in the beauty of Hawaiian Sunshine. Enclosed is (a donation) for a nice start to their new home!. R.A.S., Las Vegas, NV

  • Never thought I'd be doing this - but Thank you for accepting this! Best Wishes, L.G., Yonkers, NY

  • Please return to Pele with my deepest apologies. My children and wife removed it a few years ago. My luck/ our luck has not been good since. We are currently seperated and possibly divorcing. I live here in Oahu without my children and she lives on the mainland. Thank you for your help. Sincerely, D.J., Honolulu, HI

  • Please return to Madame Pele. V.I., Victoria, TX

  • Thank you so much for returning these rocks to their rightful place. Your service is greatly appreciated! In addition to the two volcanic rocks, I have enclosed a check, which will hopefully cover your costs for this great service! Have a sack and happy holiday season! All the best in 2004! Mahalo, P.F., San Francisco, CA

  • I visited Hawaii July 2003. I picked up 3 Lava Rocks when I visited the North Shore and brought them home with me. I did not take them out of disrespect, but I would like to return them with all respect to the Goddess Pele. I did not know that Lava Rock was not to be taken from the Islands. A friend at home told me the story about Lava Rock and I found more information on my computer. I am very sorry to have taken the Lava Rocks. Please return them to their rightful place and email me when this has been done. I have had nothing but BAD LUCK since I returned home from my trip. My business was nearly sabatoaged, I've had large medical bills (never been unhealthy) banks accounts stay depleted, a window and brakes had to be replaced on my new car, a rental house became vacant ( taxes and repairs at the end of year). plumbling in my home had to be' repaired, the heating unit in my vacation home had to be repaired, besides this business has been slower than ever before. Please make sure the Lava Rocks are returned so that my luck might change for the Good. Thank you very much, Respectfully, H.J.Y., Sylvester, GA

  • I did not know that it was wrong to take these rocks. I'm so sorry. Sincerely, R.R., Fargo, ND

  • We too were unaware of the "taboo" of taking lava rocks from your island. So we are returning them!! Sorry!! to "Pele". S. & B.M., Portland, ME

  • I thought when I asked, if it would be acceptable for me to take a couple pieces of your lava it would be all right. Maybe it has been but it seems for every step I take forward I have to take one back. Was I mistaken? Did I misunderstand? It is possible that I was too arrogant to hear what you really said. But being an Aries exalted in the fire of the sun and being all fire earth and wind signs, I assumed it was all right if nothing else. Please forgive me and I return to your property. After all of these years, if I was wrong, please see fit to honor me wIth your blessings in the future. Please bead to Pele when the sun is bright. Most sincerely, B.E.P., Naples, FL

  • Whereas we were previously very happy when we went to Maui for our wedding and honeymoon just over two years ago, we have since had a great deal of trouble. We have had lots of marriage problems and are on the verge of divorce. We also pave problems with kids/stepkids, finances, accidents with injuries, health problems, work addiction problems, etc. It's been terrible. Please accept our apologies and return of these lava rocks as we were not aware of the superstition until someone told us about it. I looked up lava rock superstitions on the internet and found your website. I hope this will remove the "curse" of Madame Pele and restore us to happiness and health. Thank you for your help. My husband thinks this is bogus so won't return the rocks he gave to the kids, but I figure it can't hurt anything to return this one he took (I didn't know he took any til we got home) No Name, Aberdeen, SD

  • I hope this gets rid of my bad luck, I didn't know about it until I moved several times. Here I hope it (?). Apologies Pele, I'm sorry about it - will not do it again. R.L.H., Pasadena, CA

  • We would like to return these rocks to the Hawaiian Islands. Most came from Maui near the Black Sand Beach. Thank you for your assistance in this matter. Sincerely, S.K. & S.S., Birmingham, AL

  • Thank you for providing this service! I appreciate your service of returning these rocks as I ask for forgiveness of any disrespect. The rocks were taken from the island of Maui 2003. I was unaware of the possible disrespect. My visit to Maui was wonderful. I met the nicest people and experienced the most beautiful weather and views of the island. Thank you again! H.G., Joliet, IL

  • Me and my husband took a trip to Hawaii in Februar 2004 and had a wonderful time. We took home some Lava (enclosed) for souvenirs. We did not know that was bad luck to take lava as a reminder of our trip. So we're returning the Lava back where it came from. Don't want to chance any bad luck upon us. Sincerely, K. & P.G. (?), Highland, MI

  • I am returning lava rocks back to their home place. We visited the beautiful island of Hawaii in June of 2001. We had loved our visit and the island so much we wanted to bring just a piece of it back with us. Unfortunately Pele didn't agree with that decision. We have had more bad luck since that time that one couldn't have in an entire lifetime. Please accept our apologies and we ask Pele for forgiveness. So with that would you please return these wonderful pieces back to their rightful place. Sincerely, T.C., Spring, TX

  • Please accept this lava rock that was taken from Haleakala National Park. My husband and I are sorry and would appreciate you returning it to Madam Pele. Sincerely  JASDLM, Champlin, MN

  •  Please forgive me for taking your lava rocks. I did not know it was bad to do. Sincerely, N., Webster, NY

  •  A co-worker visited Hawaii and brought back these lava rocks for me. I did not ask for them, nor would I have taken them from Hawaii myself. He did not know that they were sacred. I wish to return them to Pele, the rightful owner. Although I have not had any bad luck as of yet, this is the right thing to do. I cannot afford to send money, as postage exhausts the last of my cash on hand, and finances are tight for my family right now, (due to circumstances with my husband's job and our son). However, I sincerely hope that you will still return these to the rightful owner with my blessings. If a fee is required, though, please let me know, and I can send it at next payday. I do want to share with you the verse at the bottom of this page, because it conveys the spirit in which I return these rocks to Goddess Pele. Thank you so much for providing this service. Brightest Blessings, T.D., Shoreline, WA
    Bide the Wiccan Law ye must,
    In perfect love, in perfect trust.
    Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill:
    An harm ye none, do as ye will.
    And ever mind the Rule of Three:
    What ye send out comes back to thee.
    Follow this with mind and heart,
    And merry ye meet, and merry ye part.

  • Enclosed you will find 5 black rocks, which my husband and I collected from the Black Sand Beach, on our recent visit to Maui. We were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. These rocks, for us, were to represent our 5 beautiful daughters we are so proud of. Our 'Gifts from God' are fortune beyond, so please accept my apology for taking away from your home land. We were unaware of the legend of 'bad luck' at the time. We were not trying to defy any myths and with to amend our curse to blessings. Thank you for your help in restoring our good fortunes. N.J.P., Williamsburg, IA

  • My mother brought these rocks back with her from Hawaii and gave them to me. Please return them to their rightful place. Thank You, No Name, Torrance, CA

  • I brought these home after the 2004 Lavaman Triathlon - didn't know they'd be cursed! Well - I love folklore and am a secretly superstitious type. From one Goddess to another - please send Madame Pele my gratitude and much Aloha! The Rocks belong in their home and not mine. V.L.H., Altadena, CA

  • from E.B., Fall River, MA

  • As silly as I feel this is, if there is a chance, no matter how small, that this will make a difference, than it is worth it. By the urging of my parents, girlfriend and a Hawaiian friend of mine I'm returning these stones. Maybe the collective belief of enough people makes the curse real. The islands are beautiful and I meant no disrespect, It was taken in a moment with the hopes of returning. I hope this small donation helps... at this point its all I can afford. (I was making a six figure income  1 1/2 years ago) Thank You, L.K. Houston, TX

  •  Returning this Rock that was brought back from Hawaii to Union Point, Georgia. D. & S.H., Union Point, GA

  • Well, we have become believers. We purchased this "cute" little fucu bonsai on our last trip to the Big Island not considering the lava rock repercussions. After a streak of BAD Luck that has left us dazed, we are returning the enclosed to the Big Island for a respectful and apologetic return to Pele. We would be extremely grateful if you would wrap my "cute" bonsai in a ti leaf (as you mention on your website) and return it to its rightful home within Volcanoes National Park. J. & E.W., Cortland, NY

  • Enclosed are lava rocks my husband brought home following our visit to Hawaii in November 1989, having no idea of the misfortune they would bring us. I believe we have offended Pele and would appreciate you returning the rocks to where they belong and asking her forgiveness. Thank you for offering this service, K.J.C., Louisville, KY

  • Thank you for returning these things to their rightful home. I don't know where you put them back but I picked them off of the beaches in Maui. It is a nice service that you provide for people to clear the concience and promotes taking a look at necessity and intention in everyday life. Thanks, A.O'C., Bellingham, WA

  • If you could please e-mail me when you receive the rocks. Thank you for your help. J.D.W., Stratford, NJ

  • We visited the Big island of Hawaii last month. We brought back with us two small pieces of lava rock. We're not superstitious people, but we can no longer overlook all the bad luck we've been experiencing since we've returned home. The following is just an example of the worst of our luck: dog was sprayed by a skunk at approximately the same time the lava was picked up, lawn tractor blew up, and most recently, a serious boating accident with our brand new boat. Thanking you in advance for returning the lava. B., Canton, OH

  • These two lava rocks were given to me as a souvenir from HI as a present from two close friends of mine. I've had bad luck since I've received them. Please accept my donation in return for putting these rock where they belong, with Pele. I meant no harm by receiving these. I hope Pele would forgive me and hope for some peace. Sincerely, I.W., Brooklyn, NY.

  • Thank you for returning the lava rocks for me. B.B., Mystic, CT

  •  Please return these lava rocks to Kilauea where I picked them during a recent trip to Hawaii. Thanks! J.M., Cerritos, CA

  • Thank you for your service. I did have immediate 'BAD LUCK' from taking this sand, though it has taken me 11 years to actually see the correlation. I was in Kona and met an artist who had agreed to let me photograph his artwork for his portfolio. I was intending on sending his photos back when I got all my film developed - here in the mainland. Well, right before I was to go fly home, he freaked out and thought I was stealing his artwork to sell! (I had never even thought about that!) He became verbally violent and in my fear of him, I gave him all the film from my trip - about 12-15 rolls of 24 exposures = about 300 pictures. He actually was not going to let me "escape" until I gave him the film. When I returned home, he wrote and apologized but never sent the photos. I never contacted him again and let the trip be only in my mind. It was quite a nightmare! I have had challenges in these past 11 years - some huge. But that is life. Let's see how wonderful life can be with the sand returned to it's home. I send it with blessings and prayers. Much aloha and "Mahalo". P.S. Your website is great! Any stories of success after returning the lava rocks? That would be great for your website - I think people would love to read success stories too! N., Santa Barbara, CA

  • Please return this sand to the Goddess Pele. It was given to me as a gift and I would like it returned to its rightful place. Thank you. No Name, Glen Rock, NJ

  •  Lava Rocks returned by M.C., El Paso, TX

  • Lava Rock returned by: No Name, Whitestone, NY

  • Hello, Please return this lava rock for me and tell Pele I am truly sorry. I only wanted to share the beauty of Hawaii with those who could not make it there. I am sorry for disturbing her island by taking this rock. Please also be for her forgiveness as some sand and another rock I took was thrown away, and I could not return it. I am truly sorry. I am begging for forgiveness. Thank you for returning this for me. Sincerely, A.M., No Address

  • I knew of the bad luck with taking lava rocks from Hawaii. I took this rock from a black beach near Hana, Maui. I didn't think it was the same as Lava Rock. I'm not taking any chances! Please return this for me. I've been depressed ever since I returned from Hawaii and just look at this rock. So please return it for me. Thank you, M.W., Lake Geneva, WI

  • Sorry for taking the rocks. We had no idea. Please return them to the right place. Thank You. M.M.L., Las Vegas, NV

  • My mother and father in law brought these rocks back from Hawaii and gave them to my husband and I as a gift. They are beautiful but since my husband and I have had them we have had lots of bad luck and sickness. Also, we are trying to conceive a baby and have had no luck. Maybe its the rocks? I don't want to take any chances! I wish I knew exactly where they found the rocks and sea glass but I'm not shure. Thank you! A.H., Biloxi, MS

  •  Last year, I asked a friend who was going to Hawaii to bring me back some sand, since I would never make the trip to Hawaii myself. I never knew about the curse until yesterday, but I have had very, very bad luck for the past year and am returning this sand and shells to you for proper return. I apologize for asking for this to be brought to me. No Name, Feeding Hills, MA

  •  Dear Pele! Please forgive that I took this peace of Lava on my trip to Big Island in May 2002. I took it in the Volcano National Park, where the road was flooded by lava, down at the ocean. I knew it was wrong and I truly want to apologize! I hope you will forgive me! M.H., Wiesbaden, Germany

  • Hello, My name is Christal and I collect rocks. A client of mine visited the island and brought me back some rocks to add to my collection. I found out yesterday that it is bad luck to have these rocks taken from the island. Please accept my donation and please return the rocks where they belong. I appreciate your assistance and thank you for your help. Thanks, C.M.W., Baton Rouge, LA

  • Lava rocks and sand returned by M.N., Kalamazoo, MI

  • I am definitely not superstitious, but I have been unemployed since Friday, Sep. 13th, 2002 and just in case it's not just the economy, I'm returning this black sand (from the Big Island). No Name, Wichita, KS

  • Enclosed is a lava rock I requested a friend bring back in 1990 when they were on their honeymoon. I wanted to tempt tradition and called it my "lucky" lava. Although  my life has not experienced any really bad luck until now, I can say life hasn't always treated me fairly. We just had a close relative pass away and want to purchase the property which has a huge debt on it to keep it in the family. But things are not looking good. Enclosed with the rock are my apologies and thanks for returning it to it's rightful place. I only have a small donation since fincances are tight now. Thanks again..., M.C., Eugene, Oregon

  • Two Lava Rocks returned, No Name, San Bernadino, CA

  • Dear Rainbow Moon, I wrote an email to your address but have not received a response.  I am returning a lava rock given to me from my yoga teacher as a gift for "subbing" for her yoga classes while she visited Hawaii. She brought me back some wonderful coconut soap and a rock she found on the beach. My brother asked what kind of rock, upon seeing it he told me I needed to return it to Maui immediately. I found your web site when I got on-line to research this legend. I have had lots of bad luck since, I received this gift from her. I had to put my grandmother in a nursing home, put my cat to sleep, and some business prospects I was counting on for this summer's income have fallen through. Whether it is due to this lava rock or not, I do believe it best to leave things as is in nature, so I want to return this lava to your island. I have no idea where it came from other than somewhere on Maui. I appreciate your help in this matter. Peace be to you and yours... Always, J.O., Lincoln, NE

  • I am returning two lava rocks I took on our honeymoon in September 1991 from Maui Haleakala. Thank you for your website as I have wanted to do this for years but wasn't sure where to send them. Sincerely, M.Y., South Rockwood, MI

  • Dear Madame Pele, Years ago I took some Lava Rocks. After hearing about the curse and all the bad luck my family has had, my daughter in law returned them since I was not at home. Ask Pele to take the curse off my family and forgive me. Sincerely M.H.F., Laguna Beach, CA
    Second Part of letter... I am M.'s daughter J.R.. Mother took the rocks we think in 1983 - her first grandchild, my only daughter was murdered  by a serial killer on a College Campus in 86 - her 2nd grandchild married a mean jealous moron who causes constant problems, her 4th grandchild was crippled in an accident - my husband lost all his 401 savings in the market - my mother also lost 75% of her money. Things constantly happen to any home which we learned is on an Indian burial ground. As you can see I could go on and on, I just listed the most serious. Please pray for my mother and her family that we be released from all this back luck. The rocks were returned by her daugther in law to the Post Office on the Big Island. When I called, wee did not know about you and I wa told just to send them to the Post Office - maybe Prayer to Pele will do the trick - The thought of my precious grandchildren going through more bad luck is more we can endure. Thank you, J.
    P.S. If you can suggest anything we can do, let us know, even if it is a return to Hawaii and a prayer session.
    (Note from Rainbow Moon: We don't know what the Postal Service on Big Island did with your Lava Rocks. However, they are certainly back on the Island and we did an extra long prayer for you!)

  • We visited Hawaii in 1995. Since then we have had 81/2 years of bad luck, including my parents going through 2 foreclosures on their home. My father being in an accident where he lost his leg and my husband having cancer, which was the last straw. Please ask Pele for our forgiveness and bless us with good luck! C.N.S., Brookline, NH

  • Lava Rock from Black Sand Beach on Maui - Bad Luck go away. T., Des Moines, IA

  • While on vacation on the Big Island of Hawaii with my family and my now ex-ficance, I brought back these lava rocks as a memento. I have had nothing but bad luck in my love life since taking them almost 10 years ago. Please see these lava rocks are returned to the Goddess Pele, and please accept my apologies, I was unaware of the legend of the Island. I hope that returning these lava rocks will turn things around in my love life.. Thanking you in advance, M.M., Bronx, New York

  • Thank you for completing the return of the lava and sand for me. I greatly appreciate the respectful ceremony you offer to Madame Pele in my behalf. Please accept this small donation. Thanks, T.K.N., Hebron, CT

  • Thank you for the work that you do in honouring Pele and the sacred land. The enclosed lava rocks were gifted to my three  children by their father. I am sending them back and have passed on the information to him although I am not hure he will ask for forgiveness. I am hoping I can do this by returning the lava on his behalf. If not, then perhaps you could let me know. I will attempt to convince him of the importance of this once again - for he truly has had a string of bad luck. To the Goddess Pele; Ancient One: Forgive us and for the highest good of all we continue to honour your sacred land and learn your sacred teachings. We are grateful. K., N., S. & A.W., Saskatoon, Canada

  • Dear Madame Pele, I had bought this Lucky statue and other two key chains from local store in Waikiki, Hawaii about 15 years ago. They are all made from black Lava Rock. I want to return all of them to you but I could locate only this smiling statue. Please forgive for my naive. I will return those 2 key chanes whenever I find them. Ever since I have them, I have so many turmoil and misfortune events happend in my life, I had broken with my girlfriend within one year after that Hawaii trip. The big financial loss and never recovered. Lately, I lost my job and still unemployed almost 2 years. I had married and formed a family. We do not have any health insurance. I had divorced because of the unhappyness. I want to beg for all forgiveness and bless for my luck and happyness. Yours sincerely, C.D., Richardson, TX

  • Four Lava Rocks received. No Name, Phoenix, AZ,

  • My friend collected these sand for me in Maui a few years ago as a souvenir. I just recently learned about the curse and hope that the sand be returned to where it belongs. Thanks for your help and hope you'll have a great day! F.T., Richmond, Ontario, Canada

  • Me and my wife went to Hawaii for our honeymoon and picked up these three rocks, the two pumice stones from a beach of the same sort of stones near Hilo, and the lava rock with the green stone from one of the volcanos (where there are fumes rising from the earth). Please return these stones to Pele. We're very sorry that we took them and should have realized the mistake before we left the island. Shortly after we got back to California, I got a cold which is still with me even more than five weeks later. Also, I hurt my shoulder while working out, and my television blew up, and a 100GB harddrive on my computer (which is less than a year old) just died today. I'm doubtful that the harddrive can be repaired, and there is a great deal of data on it which cannot be replaced. I was planning to return the stones myself next year, but given the  current rate of bad luck, I'm not sure I'll be alive that long. Anyway, please express our apologies to the Goddess. I even had a dream the night after we took the stones, and I think that maybe she was trying to warn me not to leave the island with them, but like an idiot, I misinterpreted it. It didn't occur to me what we'd done until after we'd already gotten back and the bad luck started to happen. In any case, thank you for this service. J.V., San Bernadino, CA

  • Hawaiian Sand from Honolulu - Waikiki Beach. Thank You!! No Address, Canada

  • Please return this lava rock that was taken by my husband from the top of Haleakala crater on Maui February, 2004. I warned him not to take any rock, but not being the superstitious type, he snuck this rock into his pocket anyways. As soon as we were leaving the island his luck changed for the worse and has continued sine we've been home. While we were snorkeling at Haunauma bay, my husband lost his wedding band and hopefully by returning this rock to the islands, the islands will return the ring to us. (with the help of Haunauma bay lost and found of course!) Mahalo for helping us return this rock to where it belongs. C.L.B., Toronto, Ontario.

  • Please return these rocks to their proper home. We're sorry to have taken them. They've been the curse of many problems. Hopefully Pele will accept our apologies. Thank you so much, The R. Family, C.R., Pearl City, HI

  • Rainbow Moon, please accept this donation. I hope my package arrived safely. Thank you for your help! Sincerely, K.A.H., Pittsboro, NC

  • Hi, I'm returning a lava rock cought at Kilauea on Sep. 30, 2002. It has the Big Island shape, so that's why I kept. But since I moved from Hawaii this year, I just feel bad having that with me. It must be returned to Pele, since I believe in the power of Fire. Pele deserves it back. Thanks, L.D.J, Ansan, South Korea

  • Lava Rocks and Black Sand returned by A.D., Montreal, Canada

  • Two Lava Rocks returned. No Name, West Suffield, CT

  • Lately I heard about a rule on Hawaii, not to take volcanisms stones out of your country. Like a tourist I did not know about that tradition and took a brick stone as a souvenir. I feel very sorry for that and want to send it back where it belongs to, not to be persecuted of bad success. Be sure, that I will tell everybody not to dake away your stones. Thanking you for your help I stay with Kind Regards, P.N., Olomouc, Czech Republic

  • I have always wanted to visit the Beautiful Islands of Hawaii. My parents spent their 25th annniversary there in 1979. It wasn't until recentley my mother and I we looking through her house basement and came upon 3 rocks, she told me she had brought them back from the Big Island. I had recently watched a program on the Travel channel, on the program it mentioned about the "Bad Luck" that follows when one takes lava rock from Pele, the Hawaiian Fire Goddess. I told to her about Madame Pele and the "bad luck" that follows when lava rocks are taken from the Island. she became very sad, imagine she did not know. We would like to return the rocks to Madame Pele and so I am asking this grand favor of you to return them to her with our sincere respect and apoligies. Enclosed is a donation to help for your expenses. Your ceremony sounds very nice. Thank you so very much D.S. and S.G. (my mom), San Jose, CA. We will be watching for the rocks on your website soon, Thanks again and ALOHA.

  • Lava Rocks returned by P.W.K., Winchester, MA

  • Thank you so much for returning these rocks to the Goddess Pele. My Boss took them a few weeks ago and our business has had terrible luck since then. When I  found out he had them, I asked if I could return them and he said yes. So I am returning the lava in hopes to honor Nature, Pele, and the people of Hawaii. Thank you, S.R.C., Los Angeles, CA

  • Please return me to my home. Thank You!, No Name, Humble, TX

  • Corals received from U., Winnipeg, MB, Canada

  • Here is a lava rock that I took from Volcanos National Park when I was on my honeymoon in early June of 97. I didn't realize when I took it that it was wrong or the bad luck that was associated with taking things from Madame Pele. I never gave the rock much thought but we have had more than average bad luck since we have been married, car accidents, death in the family, and being plagued with infertility to name a few. I saw a special on the National Park and about the bad luck associated with the rocks, I still didn't give it too much more thought but after the year we have had something clicked and I realized that I need to return this rock to its home. I came across your web site when I was looking for the address of the park. I like your respectful way of returning the rocks to their home. Please give the Goddess of Fire my Sincere apology I never meant to disrupt her peace. I appreciate you going to the trouble to return the rock with a ceremony, and here is a donation for your trouble. Hopefully our luck will now change and Madame Pele will be at peace with us. Thank You, A.C., Dixon, IL

  • Two small Lava Rocks returned by A.C., Washington DC

  • Lady Pele - Goddess of Fire - we are returning your children with thanks for their brief stay with us. They were taken from their home many years ago by unknowing and innocent admirers of the beauty that is your gift to our lives. Many Blessings and Thanks to you in your realm of fire - So Mote it Be Blessed Be - Reverend C.O'D.
    Dear Rainbow Moon, recently I was going through old family albums, I came across an old boxed set from a tourist trip taken by my aunts and uncles. They were already elderly so this had to be taken in the 50's or 60's. To my amasement tucked in one of the photo slots was a postcard purchased I'm sure from a beach shop. Stapled neatly to a corner was this small packet of black sand. Aaah! We have long known about and respected the strengh and power that is Pele and her family. We have already sent sand home that had been brought to my Mom and Dad by my brother when he was stationed there in the Navy. We have not actually had BAD luck, we just certainly have not had good luck or fortune in these many past years. Perhaps now our fortunes will turn around. Thank you greatly for giving us a place to send Pele's children. Currently we are not able to send a donation - we are that close to a desparate situation. I am hopeful that, that will change presently and we will send you a thankful donation then. Sincerely, C.O'D., Arvada, CO

  • May these beautiful rocks, please be returned to the volcano of the Big Island! This is where they belong - and should have stayed. Only now do I realize this and am returning them immediately. With many thanks! F.C.S., No City Name, Canada

  • Enclosed are two small lava rocks, found by me at Anini Beach on Kauai. The bad luck started immediately. A rock flew throw my windshield on my one week old Passat. The day I moved into my new house my dog jumped through a window, and ruined my couch. He had to get $ 423 worth of stitches. I could go on and on, but this will suffice. Please extend my apologies to Pele. Aloha! M.R., Baton Rouge, LA

  • My apologies, no disrespect was intended. Thank you, J.R., Gresham, OR

  • Please return to Madame Pele with apology and regards. Thank you for your service. J.B., Davenport, IA

  • Black Sand returned by R.B., Milford, MA

  • Please return this lava to Madame Pele. Its been bad luck after bad luck since I took this on my last trip to the Big Island in 2002. Let Pele know I am very sorry. Thank you, B.P., Pittsburgh, PA.

  • Greetings, I am returning this piece of Lava that I brought back from the Big Island in the early 80's. Thank you for returning it. Sincerely, S.M., Sebastian, FL

  • Please return these small lava rocks. Enclosed is a small donation for your expense. Thank you, C.T., Honolulu, H

  • Dear lava rock return folks: What a noble thing you do - saving us from our hopless fates! Would send $ but am so par - it's all I can afford to ditch this thing - will think of you though, if I ever come into $. Was in HI in Jan/Feb 04 and picked this baby up, despite warning and my good sense. Have incurred nothing but REJECTIONS since I returned - job rejections, school rejections, personal rejections... the love of my life, down the tubes! Even the Jesuits and other volunteer agencies have rejected me (this is me trying to work for free). After I ditch the rock and intend to have a rejection celebration with family and friends - may be that will go right! Thank you, C.H., State College, PA

  • This lava was given to me as a souvenier by a friend who visited Hawaii more than 10 years ago. She and I were very skeptical about the bad luck legend associated with the taking of lava. But let me tell you about our bad luck. My friend had a serious back injury followed by major surgery ,and worst of all, her 21 year old daughter died in a horrible auto accident. Simultaneously, I lost my vision and am facing total blindness and my son is a recovering drug addict. She, my friend, had the good sense to return her lava soon after her daughter died. I think I have held on to this piece of rock long enough and think it is about time I do the same. Please ask Madame Pele to forgive our audacity in taking her precious lava rock in the first place. Tell her we respectfully return her lava to its place of origin. Please ask her to grant us pardon and mostly we ask her to restore us to peace and tranquility. Thank you, Madame Pele. Thank you, V.S., No Address

  • Hello, A friend brought this sand home for me while she was on vacation. I've been told it brings bad luck, and I am starting to believe it, so please put it back! Thank you!!!, No Name, Waterbury, CT

  • Dear Madame Pele, I didn't think I'd do this but we have had a whole bunch of bad luck in the past 6 months - I lost my job, I was in a car accident, I'm being sued, I could go on... I took these rocks from the volcano when I visited 7 years ago. My life has been okay (some ups and downs), but when I booked my flight to return to Hawaii almost 6 months ago, that's when my bad luck began. Believe it or not, I forgot to bring the rocks back with me when I was there at the end of last month. I was on Oahu for 6 days and it rained for of those days. It was also ??? the whole time I was there. I am truly sorry for taking something but did not belong to me. Please accept them back. Regretfully yours, V.S., Searsdale, NY

  • Dear Rainbow Moon: Enclosed, please find a parcel of lava rocks I obtained on Big Island about a year ago while visiting my daughter. After the persistance of my daughter who was a teacher on Oahu in the 2003-2004 school year, I am returning these lava specimens. Also enclosed please find a donation to defray costs and a token of thanks. I will advise you should my "luck" have a significant turnabout. Thanks for your time and I enjoyed your website. Again Thanks, K.H., Zionsville, PA

  • I'm returning these rocks that I have from a long time ago (as a kid). Would you please let me know when these go back. Thank you. R.B., Lorton, VA

  • My wife and I traveled to Oahu and Maui for our honeymoon in November 2003. While on the "Road to Hana" in Maui, we discovered a spectacular black sand beach, and decided to take a lava rock and some black sand as a souvenir. It was only after we returned home when various people informed us that it was bad luck to take rocks or sand from Hawaii. Please accept our apologies and return these items back to where they belong. Our apologies also to Pele. Thanks! S. & M.K., East Providence, RI

  • Dear Rainbow, Thank you for taking care of returning the Lava Rock to Volcanoes National Park. Thank you. J.A., Paio, Ontario, Canada

  • Lava Rocks and Sand returned. No Name, Modesto, CA

  • Please return these lava rocks to a proper place. We got them while on vacation in 2000 on Maui and Kauai. I hope our luck changes, it hasn't been too good for our family since 2000. Thank You, The B., R.A.B., Mansfield, OH

  • Enclosed are some lava rocks taken from the volcano. We wanted to bring home a little bit of Hawaii, but Hawaii belongs to the Hawaiians. The memories alone will last a lifetime. Please accept the return of these rocks and forgive. R.&.D., Waterbury, CT

  • Thank you very much for returning this lava rock!!!, S., Detroit, MI

  • Please return these lava rocks to the Goddess Pele. I was not aware of the legend when I took them home as souvenirs many years ago. Please give the Goddess Pele my regards and tell her I am sorry for the misunderstanding. Thank you, J.R. Norman, OK

  • My name is Dana and I visited Hawaii when I was ten years old. Like most people I was overcome with the beautiy of Kilauea and wanted to try to keep some of this with me. I'm twenty-three now and about to start in my new life. I was going through my childhood treasures when I found the rocks I brought back with me from the volcano. It's time to apologize to Hawaii and its people and to Pele, for removing a part of their life and heritage. I am truly sorry for taking these from their home. Iam very greatful fo you for taking on the responsibility of seeing that these are returned. I hoped I could come myself, but it's not possible. Maybe someday I can come back to Hawaii and ask Pele for forgiveness in person and thank you as well. I wish you the best and thank you again. Sincerely, D., Frederick, MD

  • Three lava rocks returned by M.C.E., Washington, DC

  • Two small lava rocks returned by X.W., Millbrae, CA

  • Just in case I would like to return this small token. J.D., Henderson, NV

  • Dear Pele, Please accept my apologies on behalf of my sister in law. I hope this finds you and your sacred land as it was. My sincerest apologies, R.E., Vancouver, BC, Canada.

  • One Lava Rock returned, No Name, Concord, NC

  • White Sand returned, No Address

  • Please return to Pele!, M. & D.O'D., Austin, TX

  • Thank you for the opportunity to return a rock we took whil on our honeymoon in 2001. We have had a string of bad luck, healthwise, financially and personally. Please accept this small donation to help out. Please let me know when it has been returned. Many thanks, P.I., Somerset, NJ

  • I am returning this lava rock because I did not know that it was a no-no to take it. I took it as a souvenir because when am I ever going to see an active volcano again? I didn't think any harm would come from it because there is so much lava rock everywhere on the island. I wasn't aware of the myths about Pele and taking a rock from the volcano until l met someone from Hawaii. I told him we had visited and had a great time yadayadayada. We got in to a conversation of what all had gone on in my life in the past year (after returning from the Big Island) and how many health problems my family has endured and he then asked me if I took a rock from the Volcano. I said yes as a souvenir. He then told me about the myth of Pele. Well, I don't believe in those things and thought it had nothing to do with my situation. Then I did some research about Pele and came across your website. I was surprised at how many people had bad things happen to them after taking a rock and how it is a big no-no to take a volcano rock. I still don't believe in this myth but it is very sacred to the native Hawaiian's and therefore l am returning the rocks. Although I still want to keep them. I am hoping that Pele will forgive me and I didn't mean any disrespect. Thanks! L.T., Roanoke, TX

  • Early last year, several of my relatives visited your beautiful state. They knew of my interest in geology ("collecting rocks") so they innocently picked up several pieces of lava etc. for my collection. If they had-asked me before they left, I would have politely refused any offer to "get some rocks" for my collection. I respect traditions of many cultures and have a healthy respect for the "supernatural side" of existence, shall we say? Needless to say, during the time these little treasures have been in Ohio, many unfortunate events have occurred to the family that brought them. Circumstances are such that I feel compelled to return these innocent gifts to their righful locale. Three of the specimens are from Maui and one is from the Big Island. I think those are the locations but am not sure, as I was not there and the folks were unclear as to where they found them. Please accept them and return them to their "home". My apologies for any inconvenlence. Thank you and Bless you for easing my mind and heart of a curious burden. There  was one more stone which I can not find. Please offer my apologies for it as well... Thanks!, J.R.M., Lucasville, OH

  • I've recovered what I hope and pray to be the last of your lava rocks that I and my family took from Maui in 2002. Pleaes accept  our most humblest apologies and we are very sorry for removing what is precious to you. We are sorry Madame Pele. Thank You, B.M.T., Nashville, TN

  • Black Sand returned. No Name, San Francisco, CA

  • Lava Rocks returned by somebody at S.T. inc., Freehold, NJ

  • Lava Rock with Coral returned by Z.S., Deerfield Beach, FL

  • This rock was brought back for me from a fellow employee as a token. My husband told me that it was the wrong thing for him to do and I should return it as I am. Sorry for the person who was too dumb to know. Thank you! D. & N.M., Mesa, AZ

  • Enclosed is a donation and a rock I took from Maui, on the road to Hana. I hope by returning this rock to you and it's proper home will remedy some bizzare coincidences I have had since returning in July of 2001. Please e-mail me. Thank you. G.M.S., Las Vegas, NV

  • This rock was given to me by a friend who picked it up while in Hawaii on his honeymoon. I put it in a fish aquarium where it seemed to be harmless. After a couple of years I got rid of the aquarium and misplaced the lava rock. I've been wanting to return the rock after hearing that you could do so. The other day I happened upon it in a small pile of stones in my parent's yard next to their vegetable garden where nothing grows. I couldn't believe it. I rinsed the dirt off and here it is. I hope Pele can find forgivness, and I am happy this lava rock will be back where it belongs. By the way - the honeymoon was short lived, they divorced a few years later. Peace, E.H., Baton Rouge, LA

  • Pearls returned. No Name, Fayettville, AR

  • My girlfriend, J. and I would like to return these lava rocks. Our friends recently brought them back to us from their Hawaii vacation. It's recently been brought to our attention that removing these rocks is considered bad luck. Rather than taking our chances, we'd love to return them to their rightful "owner". Thank you for your service! D.Y. and J.L., New York, NY

  • - Marriage broke down after two months - Lost video cam there - Lost videos of trip on way back - Business is bad - A  4" x 8" sheet of mirror almost fell on me - Everything  falls in any house, this shit goes to - Mother in law broke one arm, a week later the other. No Name, Astoria, NY

  • I would greatly appreciate you returning these rocks to madame Pele with my sincere apologies. They were taken from a new lava flow from the Kilauea volcano in the early 90s. Thank you, M.M., White Lake, MI

  •  Lava Rock (???) returned by L.C., Riverside, CA

  • Dear Rainbow Moon, I was unaware of the bad luck associated with taking lava rocks as souvenirs until recently. Please accept this donation in appreciation for returning these rocks to their rightful home. Enclosed are 2 rocks and Black Sand from Maui and 1 Rock from Kaua'i. Thank you, D.P., Bedminster, NJ



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