Gemstone Repair

Faceted Gems & Cabochons

We are proud to work with Hawaii's only Colored Gemstone Cutter providing you with expert local gemstone repair services based in Volcano, Hawaii.  

Our gemstone cutter "Stoneman Free", is a Professional Certified Gemologist ( CG) and has been cutting and repairing gemstones since over 35 years.  He also provides gemstone identification, certification, and appraisal services in Hawaii. 

 Scratched, Broken, Chipped, Worn Colored Gemstones ?
- In many cases they can be repaired and given another life -


If your gemstone has scratches we can repolish each surface.  Deeper scratches may need to have a small amount of material cut away to remove the scratch totally before it can be polished. 


If your gemstone is broken or chipped, we can re-cut your gem into a smaller stone of the same or similar shape, depending on the damage.


Hourly Fee: $75.00

Minimum Fee: $100.00


We will be happy to provide a free estimate.  We may quote a fixed fee or a price range as an estimate, depending on the specific criteria of your project.  

You may either make an appointment at our Gallery in Volcano for a meeting with our Gemologist, or you may send us your gemstone  via USPS,  Fedex, or UPS to receive a personal quote via email.  Please make sure to include your contact information.  To mail a gemstone for a repair quote please send to: 

Volcano Gallery
P.O. Box 699
Volcano, HI 96785

Questions ? - Just call our Gallery at 808-987-0920 and we will be happy talk with you about your gemstone cutting / repair needs.  You may also email us if you prefer.